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For real? An H.P. Lovecraft themed bar opening in the east village? Why has no one told me about this yet? (at Lovecraft Bar NYC)

Creative team endurance tests — punch drunk on presentation decks. (at IBM Experience Lab)

at Tektekçi

Dinner beneath a dome. (at Seviç Restaurant)

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Meanwhile, in (Williamsburg) Brooklyn… (at Williamsburg)

Tiki drink, blue as windex, with a fire in the middle. Is spring here yet? 🌋🌋🌋 (at Otto’s Shrunken Head)

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Looking for the yellow sign (at The road to Carcosa)

The revealed geometry behind the egyptian architecture/sculpture.

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Creatures of the Night. 

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Happy Norse Apocalypse everyone! Remember, if you see a giant devilish wolf roaming about, resist the urge to pet it and instead remain safely indoors.

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